Industry Sectors

LSG, Inc.

As our name implies, we are ardent supporters of developing a strategy. It’s easy for any other firm to promise you news hits or clippings, but can they answer the question of “why?” Sometimes the best strategy is to avoid being in the news entirely or only being in certain publications. That’s where we come in. We use our proprietary process to help you understand what needs to be done and come up with the best way of executing it. We also work by providing our clients online tracking of their project and work items. This not only helps you, it helps our team by allowing everyone to coordinate and work in real-time simultaneously no matter where they are in the world.Type your paragraph here.

Technology: No aspect of today’s economy is untouched by changes in technology, be it in wireless, broadband, online or social media content and we are right there for every facet of it. Our experience in technology runs from helping our clients with standards setting at international forums and trade shows and conventions, to product launches and start-up brandings. We can converse in the scientific language of ASIC and Linux or the consumer slang of bloggers and gamers. We can help build an image for you, convince analysts you are the hottest idea in the online world, create and execute a memorable media campaign and help with your IPO or merger.

Financial: Need help putting together your next road show? Worried that your presentation to a group of VCs lacks punch? Frustrated that filing your 8K and 10Q and complying with SEC requirements are killing your profits? Turn to us and let us help you in communicating to financial markets, shareholders, bondholders and other stakeholders. We can also help in filing your SEC documents with EDGAR at a considerable discount to traditional law firms and accounting firms. Whether your needs are small such as participating in an investors conference, or large such as your IPO, we can help manage your financial communications needs.

Legal: In today’s world of litigation, it pays to have not only a smart attorney, but also a smart media specialist, especially during a trial, regulatory action or investigation. Nothing can damage a company or CEO’s reputation more than being under an investigative microscope and even if nothing comes from it, the damage can still leave a permanent mark in your business. We can be there with you every step of the way to ensure you are putting the best face forward in the media.

Government: In a world of politics, we pride ourselves on not only winning political campaigns, but also in building the foundations for long-term electoral success. We have Strategists who have worked not only on Presidential and Senate campaigns, but also local initiatives and city council races. Since all politics is local, we place a special emphasis on local media relations and grassroots organization. We are especially adept at building grassroots advocacy groups and networking with non-governmental organizations and associations to win your campaign.

Entertainment/Sports: Hollywood is all glitz and glamour right? Behind all the lights and cameras lies the hard work of publicity and marketing. Is your next feature needing a big splash at Sundance or Tribeca? Are you worried how to handle an embarrassing media situation? Need to mount a full-blown Oscar campaign? We can handle all of your needs no matter how small or large. Do you need publicists for a last minute media tour? Does an actor or athlete need some last minute media training before the talk show circuit? These are all things we can deliver for you.

Healthcare/Biotech: When Greenpeace coined the term “Frankenfood,” it succinctly put bioengineered food on the defensive. When activists sought to halt stem cell research, biotech firms saw VC dollars dry up. When plaintiff attorneys attacked pharmaceutical companies on new drug liability and safety, stock prices plunged. These are only a sample of the difficulties companies face in today’s 24/7 media world obsessed with health. We can help navigate those waters. If you are looking for help during a FDA trial, building a market brand for a new drug treatment, positioning for a new device or dealing with a product recall, we can manage a successful outcome.

Environmental: In the land of environmentally friendly California, we have some of the best understanding of environmental practices in the world and the media and marketing to go with it. If you have an new environmental technology you are trying to market or wrestling with an EIR or regulatory agency, we can help shape and craft the media messaging and work in building alliances with environmental and community organizations. We speak the language of risk assessment and understand how to argue scientific studies. If it’s about toxics, pesticides, agriculture, watershed, resources, landfill, air quality or anything else under the sun, including solar power, we can help you.

Aviation: If it flies, we can represent it. Our extensive background in aviation runs the gamut from building employee culture change programs for airlines to handling plane crashes to managing grassroots supplier campaigns for defense systems. We speak the language of aviation, be it aircraft leasing and financing to battlefield information management systems and avionics. Need to convey to your employees the need to improve customer service to business travelers? We can help deliver the message.