People Come First

We’ve seen fundamental changes in how people live and work and manage their careers. We’ve built our business to take advantage of those changes. In the old days, public relations firms built large staffs and opened lots of offices to deliver services on the ground, which worked fine if your client list consisted of Fortune 500 companies, but the economy crashed that theory with start-ups, dot.coms and tech savvy companies.

The explosion of free agents and freelancers gave us access to experienced, senior professionals who were now free to work on any project, anywhere. We invest in retaining the best professionals to deliver senior, qualified experience on your projects. By doing this we control costs giving you bang for the buck.

It’s About the Media

At the end of day, we can talk strategy until we’re blue in the face, but what our clients hire us for is to deliver media results. Nice clippings that tout your products and reassure your investors. But we also believe in using third parties to push the media message.

We believe in validation, endorsement and support. We believe it is easier carrying water up a hill when you have friends to help you and that’s another of our guiding principles. We build relationships with community groups, technology associations, industry and financial analysts, columnists, podcasters, bloggers and gurus. We find the people you need to help shape and deliver your message.

Media Training: Nothing helps a media effort than making sure you know your own story, you’ve practiced how to deliver it and you anticipate potential trap questions from reporters. These are all area you can improve on in a media training session. Media training is a must-have for spokespersons or executives prior to media-driven events such as product launches, media tours or sales events. Our world-class media training can be intensive all-day simulations or half-day refreshers for groups of marketing and media executives.

Media Relations: With the power of personal relationships and a distinct understanding of all communications mediums – from newspapers to the Internet – our team covers all the bases to ensure effective media saturation to carefully chosen markets and individuals. This expertise, used in conjunction with our top media training skills, ensures the right message and the right means of communications. Whether you need slam-dunk collaterals, effective media pitching and placement or comprehensive editorial calendar development, turn to us.

Public Affairs: Does government always get in the way of your business? Do opponents often turn to the regulatory or political process to stymie your projects or growth? Do competitors figure out ways to limit or even hamper product development or expansion? We specialize in building coalitions and grassroots efforts to support you as well as developing the necessary web of media attention to properly position your needs in the best light. We can ensure that your messages are delivered to the right audiences and decision-makers.

Web Development: We partner with several cutting-edge design and programming firms to develop comprehensive web-based tools for your needs. Does your site need a makeover? Do you need project specific intranets built for your field staff? Do you need online services such as surveys or blogs set up? We can provide content, develop ongoing creative branding and deliver effective advertising and viral marketing efforts.

Presentation/Executive Speech: Are you preparing to address your shareholders on the eve of a merger announcement? Do you need to deliver a powerful presentation to a town hall or global audience? Are you unsure how your humor might be received in other countries or by other ethnic groups? We can provide guidance and support in helping you craft a message, speech, visual aids, staging or cultural checks to ensure you are at your most effective. We have access to a world-class network of speechwriters who have written for CEOs, government leaders and entertainers.

Video Production/Event Planning: Are you delivering a keynote address at a global trade show or need to videotape a presentation for webcasting? We can provide event planning and video production suitable for all your needs. We can scale up or down to whatever your project’s size and scope and ensure whatever you are putting on ties in correctly with your overall strategy and message management.

New Business Start-Up: Starting a new business? About to receive your first angel or venture capital funding and needing to build your brand or launch your marketing aggressively? We provide comprehensive turnkey services aimed at new business start-ups. We can provide everything from a new company name and branding, collateral materials, graphic identity, media launch and analyst tours to help position you within your new market space. We partner with several venture funds and financial institutions to bring a range of comprehensive services new businesses require.

Crisis Communications: How do you know when you have a crisis? Have you planned for a crisis? To us, a crisis is anything affecting the normal flow of your business. That can be a hurricane, industrial accident, product recall, workplace disturbance, executive succession or even a community group picketing your offices. Crises come big or small, but how you react to them determines if they ever mushroom into something crippling. The first rule of crisis management is to prepare for a crisis before one happens. That’s why we offer comprehensive crisis training and development programs to get your staff and employees up to the highest level of preparedness. We also have extensive resources to help you manage a crisis whenever and wherever it occurs.

Financial Services: Working closely with the investment community and financial press, we utilize strong relationships with analysts and reporters to get your message out and ensure it gets heard by building a “ground up” platform on which to build our communications goals. Our methods ensure that shareholders understand what your company is doing, why a particular strategy is being followed and utilize investor support as an extension of the team creating and even stronger force for communications. We can provide support during initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, earnings announcements and shareholder meetings. We also offer competitive pricing on submittal of your SEC-mandated reporting to EDGAR and other regulatory requirements.

Corporate Branding: It’s all about brand. Your brand is the one thing that sets you apart from the rest. Our team works closely with clients to enable the best strategy for your company to achieve its unique goals and “stand out in a crowd,” setting you apart from the competition. This art of communication, whether for product launches or crisis communications lets influencers see that there is no competition.

Marketing: We get it. We too are consumers and a product of today’s new economy. We understand the consumer market, what the consumer wants and how they want to hear it. Our knowledge of numerous industries, including technology products, social media and services, enables us to get your message heard in a way that makes sense to today’s business market as well as the individual. Our growth and understanding of the importance of getting you message heard on line and via the Internet, in conjunction with print,social media, TV and radio presence, make sure all bases are covered. Promotions, events, advertising, email campaigns, web sites… you name it, we’ve got you covered, in more ways than one.

Litigation Support: Are you being sued? Do you have a large liability trial upcoming? Do you have a potential settlement announcement that needs to be made? We can provide support to ensure information is smoothly delivered and media announcements are handled properly. Do you need help with deposition preparation? We can run simulations with your attorneys to ensure potential witnesses know their story and are delivering it in a meaningful way.


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